Floral Plate

Floral Plate


Handmade stoneware plates make the perfect back drop for a simple meal or cheese tray. A flower is pressed into the plate is glazed in nuetral tones and surrounding surface is clear glazed on white clay. Available in side plate sizes (measurements may vary slightly due to clay shrinkage).


Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.


Approximately 6.5" wide


Photography by Clare Aaker


    Microwave, dishwasher, & oven safe.


    Hand thrown, hand glazed.  Expect slight variations in dimensions and color.

    photography courtesy of Clare Aaker


    Commissioned pieces require half of the item price deposited.


    Payments can be made through Facebook Messenger or check via mail.


    The shipping price is based off of the size and weight of the items you are ordering.


    I do not offer Flat rate shipping on any items! This often means that several items can ship in the same box without any additional shipping charges.


    You will receive an email with information on lead times shortly after your order is placed.


    Every mug, plate, and bowl is crafted entirely by hand. A ball of clay becomes a finished piece after lengthy attention, taking at least 3 weeks. I throw each piece by hand and then leave it out to dry until I can attach handles and trim the base. Then the piece is bisque fired to greenware and afterward glazed. Once there is enough glazeware, the kiln is loaded for the final firing. The final magic happens at 2300 degrees fahrenheit, the glazes cure to become a durable and gorgeous piece of functional ceramic.



    *This includes CUSTOM COLOR OPTIONS.

    Please be aware that there are color variations with every computer monitor and the color may look different in person than the color you see on your screen. Contact me for color samples.

    I cannot accept rush order items because of the process of crafting each piece.