Summertime Narratives Bowl No. 6

Summertime Narratives Bowl No. 6


Hand thrown ceramic bowl in a white clay body that is glazed with tiny flower detail on the interior of the vessel. A watercolor-esque style blends greens, ochre, and blue hues to create the organic feel that nature provides on a warm day on the exterior of the bowl. 


The depiction of a midsummer bloom  is handpainted on the interior of the bowl, sprays of black eyed susans, chickory, queens anne's lace and seed pods from grasses convey the busy growth belonging to a field in Wisconsin. Contrast between the oranges, yellows and blues that pop from green foliage bring out the best of what is left in summer. The bittersweet study of these flowers reminds us to soak up the last rays as days slowly begin to shorten. 


 Once preheated for precooled, stoneware will retain its temperature longer than glassware and may be placed in your microwave, oven, or dishwasher.


Approximately 14" wide by 5" tall.