My whole life has been a collection of odd jobs.

I have been a bee keeper, smoking the hives and harvesting honey. One summer I was a ranch hand in the mountains of Montana, where I learned to saddle horses and cook gigantic amounts of coleslaw. Another time I worked on a yak farm, holding down yearling yaks to get shots and tempting the bulls to the opposite side of the farmyard with grain for maintenance. A few years ago I was a lab assistant organizing cheese and milk samples to get tested for E. coli. All these odd jobs were fit in between summers of my college career. I attended Benedictine college where I studied Art and Biology. After Benedictine I attended art school in Florence, Italy to acquire a year of my masters in painting. I learned how to drink wine with lunch and paint shadows of warm and cool tones. The culture swept me away into classical styles and aged flavors, and I left with a sense of awe that I had touched and been to the most ancient sites.


All of these experiences influence my artistic approach.  And this also seems to be why I consider a few mediums to be my own. Ceramics, painting, and sculpture all have a home in my work. Textures and flavors are found in each form that are so unique to each and can blend together in a splendid artistic dish.


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